Special Home Mortgage Loans

Why would I want a Special Loan?

Are you a first time homebuyer? A homeowner over 62? Are you self-employed? Do you not have enough money for a down payment? Do you need to do home improvements? Are you mortgage savvy? If you fit any of these categories or feel that you have special mortgage needs in other ways not mentioned, you probably will benefit from a Special Loan.

What can I use a Special Loan for and what are my options for a Special Loan?

Each Special Loan offers a unique purpose: it’s what makes them “special” loans. Special Loans will offer you larger mortgages than you would normally be offered, they offer you ways to minimize your debt, they offer alternative Adjustable Rate Mortgages, and offer mortgages to the self employed. We offer a multitude of Special Loans:
Jumbo Loan
No Doc/Stated Income Loan
Balloon ARM
125 Home Equity Loan
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
FHA Streamlined Loan
Home Improvement Loan
Debt Consolidation Loan
No Money Down Home Purchase Loan-Flex 100

Why should I get a Special Loan?

If you have special needs for your mortgage loan, you need the appropriate mortgage to fill them. If you end up with a mortgage that is not right for your situation the likely hood that you will pay more than you need to, have too high a mortgage, or even go into foreclosure is greatly increased. There are many different mortgages out there, and one is bound to suit your needs.

How can I get a Special Loan?

We offer many Special Loans. Click here to get started.

How can my FICO/Credit Score affect my mortgage rate?

Although Credit Score qualifications vary depending on the Special Loan you are interested in, 99% of the time your Credit Score is highly important in determining your mortgage rate. If you score between 720 and 850, you are A-Paper; you have good credit and should have no trouble securing the loan you need. If you score below 660, you will have trouble finding a lender who will work with you. The official cutoff for Sub-Prime or Non-Prime lending is 620.

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