Aegis Mortgage Corporation

Aegis Mortgage Corporation is the head of a diversified family of lending institutions.  Aegis Mortgage Corporation has four lending subsidiaries: Aegis Lending Corporation, Aegis Wholesale Corporation, Aegis Funding Corporation (which also uses the trade name Aegis Home Equity) and Aegis Correspondent Corporations.  Aegis Mortgage Corporation is a diversified mortgage banking company with over 1,400 employees and lending operations in 46 states and the District of Columbia. Aegis has some of the strongest and most flexible programs in the mortgage industry.  In the past three years Aegis has funded over 228,000 residential mortgages.  Aegis services many of their loans, so the customer never has to deal with another loan company.

Aegis Mortgage helps families buy homes, send children to college, make home renovations and lower their bill payments, among other things.  Many of their programs cater to the sub-prime borrower. Some of their many loan programs are listed below:

Aegis Mortgage Loans

  • 80/20 Loan Combo Programs
  • High Loan to Value-Low Fico Refinances
  • Bad Credit Mortgage Loans
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Debt Consolidation
  • 2nd Mortgage Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Interest Only Loans
    Focus+ Core Programs
  • Focus+ 80/20 Combo Mortgages
  • Focus+ 100% First Mortgage
  • Stated Income Verification Loans
  • Refinance Mortgages

With Aegis one may download a complete application online, submit a quick pre-qualification application or request an application by phone, fax or mail.  The potential borrower may also visit an Aegis Branch for a more personal consultation.  The Aegis website is full of useful information, including articles on credit scoring and fixing one’s credit, which can come in handy before one applies for a loan!  There are also sections dealing with refinancing, debt consolidation and whether or not purchasing a home is the right choice.  Calculators of varying sorts are included, as well as a section on the loan process.  Through perusing the Aegis website the prospective client will be very well informed.

The Aegis family of sub-prime retail, non-conforming and conforming wholesale lending companies pioneered the home equity credit industry more than 20 years ago. Founded in 1981 Aegis is now headquartered in Houston, Texas, with Aegis Lending Corporation headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  They are equal housing and equal credit opportunity lenders.

While Aegis has the motto “Delivering 100% Exceptional Customer Experiences,” there have been some serious complaints about the Aegis Company in the news lately.  One wonders just what “exceptional” means to the Aegis Corporation, as some customers and employees have reported being lied to or being told to lie to customers.

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