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Washington, DC Mortgage Quick Facts

Washington, DC Population: 572,059 *
Median Washington, DC Home Price: $157,200*
Washington, DC Home Ownership Rate: 40.8%*

Types of Mortgage Loans Available in Washington, DC

Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans in Washington, DC work well for people who want a predictable monthly bill. They come in the following terms:

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans will work well for you if you want your interest rate to always reflect the market. They come in the following terms:

However, Interest only Mortgage Loans may work better for your needs. They come in the following terms:

You can also elect any of the following Mortgage Loans:

And in some cases, a Special Mortgage Loan is just the ticket:

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage Rate

To start you need to know what your current credit score is. You should compare that against the average District of Columbia consumer credit score which is 679. The national average credit score is 677. Your credit score can impact what your home mortgage rate might be. Historically home mortgage rates have ranged from 5% to over 13%. Mortgage Lenders create their home mortgage rates by using the Federal Discount Interest Rate (FDIR) and then increase it by using a secret formula to create their own home mortgage rate. When you apply for a home mortgage, your home mortgage rate will be determined by a whole host of factors, but your credit score is a very important factor.

District of Columbia Mortgage State Laws

Only in District of Columbia

In December 2000, the Washington D.C. Council approved a new foreclosure law.This law states that the homeowner in question will only receive one notice before foreclosure.This law also bans predatory lending practices.In 2000, the law was repealed and amended by Councilwoman Sharon Ambrose.

Washington, DC Mortgage Fraud Office
Washington Field Office
White Collar Crime Supervisor
Washington Metropolitan Field Office
601 4th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20535-0002

District of Columbia Counties:

District of Columbia.

-US Census

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