Tucson Mortgage Lenders and Rates (AZ)

Mortgage interest rates are on the rise in Arizona. With the 50% increase in home prices in 2005, it is predicted that home sales will be down in 2006. But don’t despair, keep reading to find out how you can purchase a home in Tucson despite unfavorable conditions.

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Quick Tucson Housing Facts

Percent of Homeowners in Tucson: 68%
Percent of Renters in Tucson: 32%
Median Tucson Household Income: $40,558
Average Tucson Credit Score: 661
Best Cities to live in near Tucson: Scottsdale
Median Tucson Home Value: $121,300

How Much Real Estate Can I Afford in Tucson?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what kind of house you can afford to buy in the Tucson marketplace. All you need is a scrap of paper, a pen, a few minutes, and us. We have a little system you can use to figure it all out on your own. For the first step, you’ll need your pen and paper. Take a few minutes and jot down some responses to the following questions.

  • What kind of monthly mortgage payments am I willing to make? Be sure to have an accurate answer for this question; it will save you trouble further down the line.
  • What kind of payment plan will work well for me? If you’re not sure and acronyms like ARM and LIBOR are confusing you, take a step back. First learn about the differences between an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and a Fixed Rate Mortgage. A lot of the other programs out there are variations of these basic loan types.
  • What are property taxes like in Tucson?
  • What are current interest rates in Tucson?

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Now its time to check out our online mortgage calculators. Take a few minutes to do some number crunching. We’re confident that after you’ve done a little work here, you’ll understand your place in the Tucson housing market much better.

Refinancing in Tucson

A Refinance mortgage is a brand new mortgage that pays off your existing one, and replaces it. People generally refinance if an interest rate 2% lower than theirs becomes available to them.

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