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We are so excited that you want to buy a home in Cleveland, because 2006 is the perfect time to do so. The number of home sales in the state are skyrocketing. Interest rates are perfect, and there are oodles of houses in each pricing division to choose from. 2006 is a banner year for Cleveland’s housing market. If you’ve been thinking about buying in Ohio stop thinking and start looking. Now is the time.

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Quick Cleveland Housing Facts :

Percent of Homeowners in Cleveland: 69.1%
Percent of Renters in Cleveland: 30.9%
Median Cleveland Household Income: $38,819
Average Cleveland Credit Score: 683
Best Areas to Live in Ohio: Powel, Solon, Uniontown, Canfield
Median Cleveland Home Value: $ $103,700

How Much Real Estate Can I Afford in Cleveland?

You don’t have to be an egghead to understand the way your financial situation relates to the Cleveland housing market. All you need is a pen, paper, a few minutes, and us. Complete the following checklist, and we’re certain that you will feel more confident about your financial standing in no time.

  • Think about how much you can realistically spend on your monthly mortgage payments. Figure out a budget.
  • Find out what the current property taxes and interest rates are in Cleveland.
  • Decide which payment plan will work best for you. Be sure to see if you qualify for any government insured plans.
  • Do a little number crunching with our mortgage calculators.

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Refinancing in Cleveland

A Refinance is a brand new mortgage that pays off your existing mortgage and replaces it. A refinance always comes with lower interest rates, and sometimes comes with more favorable terms too. If any of the following scenarios describe you, it might be time to refinance:

  • I checked online, and it looks like the running interest rate in my area is 2% less than mine.
  • My wife and I have really improved our financial habits since we bought our home. We always pay our bills on time now. We think our credit scores are probably a lot better than they were when we bought our home.
  • I have a Balloon mortgage. My balloon payment is coming up, but I don’t have the money I thought I would to pay it off. I want to continue paying monthly payments instead.

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