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Applying for a mortgage loan is not as simple as going to a lender and filling out an application, at least not if you want to be successful in securing the right loan. You need to be educated about different types of loans, lenders, and the process as a whole before you even think about submitting an application.Familiarize yourself with the information below and you will be another step closer to obtaining the mortgage loan you need.

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Approaching the Loan Process
Not sure where to start with your mortgage hunt? Learn about what kind of background research you need to do to find the right mortgage loan. Read more>>

Documents You Will Need
Before you head off to meet with a lender make sure you bring the neccessary documents that they need to help decide the amount of your mortgage loan.Read more>>

What Mortgage Lenders Look for in Candidates
Find out what factors lenders consider when determining whether or not you are qualified for your loan. Read more>>

Mistakes to Avoid

See what mistakes others usually make when applying for mortgage loans. Read more>>

Impact of Your Credit History
Make sure you know how your credit history affects your ability to secure a mortgage loan. Read more>> 

Impact of Your Income
Learn about how your income factors into your ability to obtain a loan. Read more>> 

What Happens After You Apply
Find out what to expect after you complete your application and how soon you should hear back from a lender. Read more>> 

Approach to Down Payments and the LTV (Loan-to-Value) Ratio
Learn a few hints for saving up for your down payments and how your LTV Ratio affects them. Read more>> 

How to Lock in Your Interest Rate
Read about what a rate lock is and what its benefits to you are. Read more>>

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